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I purchased my wedding gown and veil while I was out of state visiting my parents. The bridal shop set up delivery with FEDEX for me to receive the items.

I was worried about the items being left on the front stoop because there is no cover and I also was concerned about the packages being stolen especially since travel a lot. Therefore, my neighbor said she would keep an eye out for me and bring the boxes to her house. To make it easier I put a sign on the door asking FEDEX to take the boxes to her house; she lives next door to me. Each item was sent separately; the veil arrived and they dumped it on the stoop, they completely ignored the sign I left.

Thankfully it wasn't raining because the box wasn't even covered in plastic. For the dress, I put an even bigger sign in the hopes that might help. Naturally it didn't. They ignored the sign and dumped the box with the dress on my stoop.

The stoop was wet because it had rained earlier. Again the box did not have any plastic covering. Furthermore, they didn't even knock on the door...I know this because I was home. Such poor customer service.

Such important items to me and they could care less. Thankfully my dress and veil were fine but it really ticks me off.

I am very grateful that everything was fine but I will never use them to send anything again. I will stick with either the USPS or UPS.

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why didn't you call fed ex and have an address change??is everybody that *** just *** and can't think ahead holy *** this forum is a broken record for dumb customers of fed-ups

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