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Absolute garbage company. These idiots deliver mon-fri around 1pm demanding a signature.

1st day i called, lady says sign the door tag. Next day they left a new door tag and the customer rep told me has to be in person. I explained how stupid that is, to demand residential signatures at 1pm during the work week. Lady takes my number, says shes gonna have them come the next day, around 5pm and call when they are close.

I knew what a bunch of *** i was dealing with, so i stayed home to catch the dirty little tunnel rat delivering mid day. I asked this strange little creature why he came mid day again when i set up a 5pm. The weirdo starts to wobble away saying hes scared, then the fat little troll starts saying hes calling policia. I finally get the wierdo to give me my package, then i made a hardcore complaint to the idiots on the phone.

This is an anti american company, ICE audit needs to happen ASAP. Stop hiring these animals, get them the *** out of this country back to the 3rd world where they belong.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: hire americans you scumbags.

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no need for racismthey are a terrible company though

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