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I am a college student who lives in an apartment. I got packages from shopping online frequently.

Fedex is the WORST!!! They do not deliver directly into your apartment, but they sent it to the leasing office. This is what happened one day. I was at home the whole time and saw that the shipment status shows delivered, but to address other than recipient.

I figured it must be in the office so I went to the office but they did not have it. After I came back from the office, I saw a delivery notice on the front door of my building(not my apartment door) which states that the package is in the apartment. So I went back to the office again, and they still don't have it because the FEDEX guy put the notice on every door of the buildings and then leave all the packages at the leasing office. This is how they do it!!!

Normally, USPS and UPS or others would go to your place first, and leave a notice if YOU ARE NOT AT HOME, but the FEDEX workers are tooooooooo LAZY to do that. I would definitely not use Fedex if I need to ship anything.

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thank God it isn't just me having problems. I have been stressed out all day waiting for a delivery that has to be here for a function tomorrow .

After missing the first call from them (due to my deafness) I was promised they would call within half an hour ... they didn't . I kept an eye our for them and no sign of them so I left a note on my front door to call round the back (where I was working0 ... did they *** as like .

I don't believe they even came back a second time. They are complete rubbish and their office is no better ... seems there is no manager there when ... as I was told ...

there is inexperienced staff on duty . The woman had only worked there 2 weeks ! I think shopping on line is far worse than buying goods from a shop ... may cost a bit more but at least you get things when you most need them.

No hanging around all day or hanging on the phone at exorbitant costs. Time and again I have had problems with Fedex ... never again .

Shopping malls ..... here I come !

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