A package was supposed to be delivered on Tuesday, FedEx left a door tag saying "First Attempt Failed". I called that night and asked if they could just leave the package on my doorstep.

The lady said, sure - I will let them know, it will be there tomorrow. Next day - another door tag, "Second Attepmt Failed". I called again to see what the problem was - "the shipper needs someone to sign for the package". OK - understandable, would have been nice to know that yesterday, but the lady never told me.

Said they would try again tomorrow (Thursday), I said that no one would be here - I work all day and cannot wait around all day. He wanted me to pick it up at a location that is more than an hour away from my home and I said I wouldn't do it. He said he would just ship it back to the shipper then. That pissed me off so I hung up.

I called back twenty minutes later to speak with someone else and asked if they would go ahead and try again on Thursday. The guy said of course, we will do that. I took Thursday afternoon off to be home for the package. Never came.

I called again and was told "the package was refused by recipient". Are you freaking kidding me! They said they still had the package and would try to deliver it on Friday (today).

I lookd at the status online this morning and it looks like they are still sending it back to the shipper. Worst ever!

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No one talks about all the fedex employees who are fired for stealing and other criminal activities.....!!!

to ***ed da ***. off Southfield, Michigan, United States #585298

Your a dum ***. To belive any company would do that.

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