A package for my daughters tenth birthday never showed. It was suppose to be here on a friday and it never showed.

I was then assured by a gentleman that it would be here the next monday morning. The day of my daughters birthday which was fine. Well that monday came and went and still no birthday for my daughter. Now its been four days after the fact and my daughter still has no present.

The representatives could care less of fixing the problem because its not there children who missed out a great birthday. So thank you fedex for not do anything to make a ten year old happy. I never have problems with ups.Also if you think fedex corporate will help then you are wrong they will not even answer the phone.

I insist unless someone wants a sad child on there birthday to only use UPS. UPS does care.

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The fedex people in my city are awful. This is the third time I've been waiting just inside the door for a package and they've slapped an attempted delivery notice on the door without knocking. Who does that!?


Fed is the worst service.. I.

Literally wanted to reach my hands through the phone and grab the useless rep.

They don't even know what service to provide! Idiots


These people charge me $167 to send a package overseas that was suppose to take 3-5 days. well, they wont receive the item for 16 days becuase its stuck in customs and FEDEX say they cant do anything.

I hate this rip off company.

THE USPS is faster and this never happend to me before with them. This is the first and last time i ever use these losers.


Fedex is the worst shipping company ever.

It took them 1 week to release my package from the customs. I was calling them everyday and everyday they found a new excuse!

I'm never using fedex again!


UPS is the biggest, not fedex.


Yes... Unfortunately, FEDEX is the biggest, but not the best.

UPS is 10 times better!

Fedex, NEVER delivers when they say they will, their drivers are lazy, and they don't even leave notes when they miss you. I tell EVERONE, PLEASE ship to me using UPS!!!


i also have a package that was supposed to arrive one week ago and i still haven't gotten it and i'm sure that i wont for like a year either. the store site that i ordered it from only uses fedex so i thought whatever, that's fine.

uhh no. fedex is the absolute worst ever.

luckily, my dad is a head manager at ups and he's going to have my package for me today. soo yes, ALWAYS use ups!


Fedex is really slow. that is why i also tell my sellers to use USP if they want to make their customers happy.


Fedex is the best exept that if you are not home they'll deliver it the next working day, i mean they could give a try later ok thanks have luck :)


Fedex is the most terrible company I cant gey my box for 16 days


keep well away from fedex they are worst company on the planet.


Fedx is the worst. Don't use them. UPS isn't perfect but a whole lot better. USPS is great lately but they have some minor issues but nothing like fedex.

They said my package would arrive at 3:00 on the 15th but they did not have the package in their possession. So--I wasted an entire day on them waiting and then nothing. I call them to find they never received the package yet they promise to have it available by 3:00 on the 15th.

A simple IF statement in their HTML would have saved me and countless others a wasted day. IF package has not been scanned THEN dont post the delivery date and time--Elementary programming even for the retarded Fedex web developers.

You know they wont fix this HTML code error. They dont care!

Your time is worthless.

I no longer purchase items from retailers using Fedex and I suggest no one else do neither.

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