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I have never ending trouble with FedEx and I dread whenever someone ships something to me using them. Every single time I get a package I track it and see when it is scheduled to arrive. Most times I will leave a note for them telling them that I am home and to leave the package if I don't answer the door. I also tell them that my buzzer doesn't work so they will need to knock or go to the leasing office as a last resort. They never do any of this and, even when I'm inside and waiting with the front door to the building open, with a note and a signature, they will just leave a slip saying they couldn't deliver it. It's ridiculous. They won't come two feet over to my door to knock and they won't ever leave it. I was told that it is up to the driver's disretion and that they aren't required to leave a package, take it to a different place (leasing office next door), or even knock! Am I supposed to sit outside all day and wait? They said yes.

Now I have a computer coming home from repair. I set up a hold at location for it when it shipped out but I realized within 10 minutes that I was going to be home that day and I could just sign for it myself (this was an ID required package). I emailed immediately to cancel the hold and was told to call. I called the next day (the package hadn't gotten out of the sender's state yet) and cancelled the hold. They said that was fine and it would be delivered to me at my apartment. The day before it arrives I see it is in my area and I call back to make sure the hold is cancelled since I didn't trust them. They double checked and said yes, it will come to your apartment.

Today is the day it should arrive. The tracking information says out for delivery so I go and sit outside to wait. But I think, let me just double check again. I look at the tracking information and, low and behold, it's been brought back to off the truck and is sitting at the same FedEx location it left from. I call and they say that it will still ship out to my apartment today and I will get it at home. Then 10 minutes later it shows up at the hold location and says held for customer. According to the time, it was already being held when I talked to the latest customer service person.

Now I call back and they forward me to the local contact person who tells me that cancelling a hold isn't guaranteed and I need to pick it up. They can deliver to my apartment but it wouldn't be until tomorrow (when I work), even though it's only 9 in the morning. She says there is nothing that she can do and, when I ask about my other issues, she tells me that the only option I have to ever receive a package, signature required or not, is to wait outside or by a window and call to the driver when he comes near the freaking apartment!

I talk to someone online and they tell me that you can NEVER cancel a hold once it has been placed. I talked to three different people who told me that they could and DID cancel it! She also told me that leaving a note is fine, that they do have to knock, that they should take it to the leasing office, and that they can leave it outside my door, all of which is the complete opposite of what they told me just 15 minutes prior.

Now I'm waiting around for my husband to get home with the car so we can go and pick up my package. They assured me that it would be there and that I could go as late as 9, which better be true because my husband has the only car and doesn't get home until nearly 8, every day.

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