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FedEx uses two dates to determine when a package will actually get to its destination: an estimated delivery date and a commitment date. A package that had been slated for delivery on January 9, 2015 was arbitrarily changed to January 10, 2015. When I called the afternoon of January 9 to inquire about my package, I was told by customer service that the estimated delivery date is often one day ahead of the delivery date. That means FedEx is using an unfair and deceptive practice on its tracking information web pages and can claim that a delayed package still made its “commitment date.”

FedEx outsources its customer service overseas, despite claims to the contrary and as evidenced by heavily accented English. These customer service agents will not know whom to transfer a call to, will be rude, and will even hang up on your customers as they attempt to locate their packages. There will also be a significant language barrier, and even “supervisors” will speak in heavily-accented, barely understandable English. One representative hung up during a conversation when I requested a supervisor. Another representative transferred me to a location that did not have the package in question, despite it being very clear in the tracking history that the package was elsewhere. None of the agents were empowered to do anything other than apologize for the inconvenience.

FedEx will ban customers that post negative comments on its Facebook page, without letting the customer know what is so offensive. The social media team will not speak directly with the customer, because the social media team is comprised of employees who do not know Social Media Customer Service 101. So customers with legitimate gripes (three packages delayed in one month) who do not use profanity or threats, and who are sympathizing with other customers, will be blocked. FedEx will not provide screenshots of the allegedly offensive comments, either. (This information was all obtained via a telephone conversation with the Executive Office.)

Bottom line: FedEx delayed THREE packages in one month for me. One package was left on the delivery truck for two full days before it reached me. In all cases, FedEx did nothing. I wrote an article on my blog about it, and FedEx then contacted the publisher to get it removed. FedEx is reprehensible and should be avoided at all costs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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There are several service options for delivery, if you want it faster you can pay for any time frame you want. Your delivery wasn't delayed, it was scheduled for delivery on X day but if there was something like a low amount of freight to deliver on Y day it would go out on Y rather than X to relieve the amount of freight on X day. If you want very specific time frames you can pay for the Express service which can priority overnight before 10:30am, if it's late you can request your money back.

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