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Dear FedEx

I have to say thay this has became the worst expericane of our compnay and our Holding Company AtKerney NY, as for usign your services.

We have paid to have thigs done fast, while your operation is working on the lowest standard we have seen in the world, at the Israel Office

The claim that the office is delaying becasue of govermental policies, for Custom etc, is by facts not correct, we have found it after we have personaly acted, and things got done in 24 hours

The sentense, of your employee Endy, that he recieves 300 requests a day, and it takes time, is absurd, this means you have a succesfful company as we all know, and use in the US for 120,000 USD a year.

If they have much work, they should use more employee.

Faxes where lost, comunication is confusing, left hand does not know what right hand is doing.

And we have split a 3 laptops shiopment just becase Fedex Israel claims the Power Adapter is nothing for them, and we (StreamTecgGamning LTD) will handle the hard part of the Network policy and Approval

This took us 24 hours, with top service from govermental offices, acting as an ordinery individual.

I could have understood if this was dure to goverement policies, but as we have all the conversastion and contact with you guys, it is clear that it is not the case.

We have been releasing the office of communication procedure for the Network Device, after 24 hours, the fax was lost on your end, and we needed to resend it to you.

As for the power fault, we have a conversation of Mr. Endy that claims that he can easely handle the power supply, and the Net Device is the problem.

Based on his word we have left FedEx the Handling of this unit, while after 3 days, just by chance we have called Endy to ask what is the Status.

The answer was that his email to Fax system was damage, and he did not recieve out paper work.

He did not call to get them back, but it was a chance that we have called to ask what is the statuis, meanning we could have called 2 weeks later and same staus.

Today, he sent me another papaer work, and already yesterday, claim it can be released based on a paper, which I have told him about 2 weeks ago.

Meaqnning Since we are an RND company, we are entitled to spare parts to our equipment, demonstrations up to 2 units, and Spare 5

He was not aware of this senario, but eventually it took him 2 weeks to send me same paper

We have a conversation with the Guy, claiming after we confronted him, that this is not govremental delay, but lake of work in FedEx Israel.

His Answer was that What can he do while need to deal with 300 paper like this a day.

We have requested to speak to a manager already a week ago, no one got back to us, and never availabele. we did so for 3 times with same answer.

We have sent all the relevant information, including all relevant conversation, ermails, and time lines that we managed to get our own WWAN Standard from the ministry of comunication, which shows that those offices are extreemly ewfficient,

We pay to FedEx, as the fastest service world wide, and we are happy with your srvice all over the world.

here in Israel, this is clearly the slowest service available, and the shame is that is due to unprofessional personal,

We have released 3 items sent using EMS, at the same time, and with similar content, and released them in the post office with in one Day

We would appriciate taking this issue, as small companies are doing extreely good job, and our policy is to change a provider if this continue to work this way.

Looking forward to your replay

Eran Tobul

CEO StreamTechGaming LTD

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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I have made the same bad experience with Fedex israel on 16/5?10

I have paid for an enveloppe to be sent to Philadelphia

Nobody came to take the envelop as promised I was blocked at home waiting for them for neqrly all day

When I have called them to explain what happened I have wait 30 minutes and the hostess told me that she was unable to get in touch with the driver who has stopped his telephon

I have asked to be refunded and she told me that it was impossible because the manager did not answer

Finaly I have called UPS who has taken my enveloppe and of course I have paid a second time

I have lost my time and my money with Fedex

Fedex Israel never again.


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