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I was expecting a package from FedEx. Early that morning I checked the tracking for delivery.

It indicated that the package was on the truck out for delivery as of just before 8Am. Around 4:30 PM I decided to check again because there was no package. The delivery confirmation indicated that the package had been delivered at 1:48 PM. Left at my front door according to them.

I was home all day had not even gone outside only to check if they really had left the package as they claimed.

There was no chance that they were there since I live in a SF home and can see the front door from my home office window were I spent the entire day. Don't use these people, they're liars.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Paid for a three day package, according to Fed-Ex they've already tried to deliver it twice. Of course, that is impossible since ive been here all day waiting for the *** thing.


And the worst part is, for crappy service you get to pay a fortune! I remember one time I went to see how much it would cost to ship a two ounce package.

Fourteen bucks.

I went to USPS and they charged about two dollars. If they're using USPS anyway, I don't see why anyone would pay that much.

Heck, if they were using flying eight legged horses, I *still* wouldn't get a price like that.


Well I finally got my package. According to FedEx tracking data they left the package at my front door on a Friday.

It arrived the following Tuesday via USPS. After I called the sender, after I called FedEx, after going through all the agravation, after wasting about an hour on the phone, it arrives at my door via USPS with my local postal carrier with a FedEx label? What kind of bs business are they running? Why use FedEx to begin with?

There is no point. Just use USPS or UPS.

I hope they fail and go under. With that kind of service they don't deserve to be in business.


The same thing just happened to me yesterday, oddly at the same EXACT time. I ordered several handbags from Coach online through a big online only sale. I live in an apt building you have to be buzzed into. Because I'm not home during business hours (I have a job), deliveries are always made to the leasing office where someone can sign for the package.

I checked the tracker online and saw that it was "left at the front door" and no signature was required. I rushed home and there was no package. There was no package at my apt either and it was not left with the leasing office.

I would like to know what kind of shotty business leaves a packaged valued at over 1K at the front door of an apt building in the middle of the day?

These people are idiots or liars if not both.

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