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Ok more than one occasion i have ordered stuff online. On more than one occasion Fedex just leaves the package in front of my door.

The most recent was when i ordered a grill for my Cadillac (which was in a very big package). I got home to find nothing at my door...keep in mind i live in an apartment complex so anyone walking Or driving by can clearly see this big package just sitting there! To my surprise hours later my new neighbor came to give us our package, she said she saw it and decided to take it since it was in plain site and dint want anyone stealing it...

thank God for honest people out there who still look out for neighbor.

I am very disappointed in the FedEx delivery system because like i have stated this is not the first package just left at my door.

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Titusville, Florida, United States #787990

I don't want my package simply left at my door! I don't want a notice I have to sign or go to pickup my package because I paid for delivery!

I want my package delivered right in my hands when I am home between the hours of 6PM and 9PM, no sooner or later!

That is seriously what customers of FedEx, UPS and other delivery agents sound like. You don't want your package left, you don't want it taken back to the hub and when it is you say you work all day and then want it delivered when you get home.

Nothing is good enough and you can't please everyone. Use a courier service, and I mean an actual courier where one person directly handles your package and delivers on your terms.

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #788555

Talk about laziness. Companies do not deliver past 7 or 8PM.

USPS finishes their routes at 6 to 7PM.

Drivers are not your servants. They don't work for you.

to nonone Titusville, Florida, United States #788618

That was my point exactly.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #787977

uuuuhhhhhh... I don't get it.

FedEx and UPS, even USPS leaves packages at my front door, I don't cry like a little *** about it. You expect them to knock on the door and wait there for someone to answer it? They're not delivering pizza. They have other routes to get to.

Plus, you can request to have the package sent to a neighbors house, or request to pick it up from the FexEx facility in your area.

You should also have common sense sent to your door...

I'll pay for the shipping for you. Dumb ***.


I'm sure you could have bought a grill from a dealer a lot easier than ordering one.

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