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I feel your pain. I am a regular eBay and buyer and seller and what gets me the most about FedEx is the inconsistency.

There is a FedEx/Kinko's location very near to my home and as such it's very convenient, open late and early, etc. But all of the sudden none of my boxes seem good enough for them, and I am METICULOUS. If there is one tiny scratch on the box or a dimple, sorry, can't take it. Perfectly intact Home Depot box, those are for moving not shipping.

Yet I take the very same items to a different location and they are cheerfully accepted. I read through their entire literature on packing and mine fits to a tee. I honestly think they're trying to rack up store sales because they also offer to rebox the item for me (at cost of course). It's garbage.

Unfortunately, USPS and their 'dimensional weight' has also gotten out of control. Bought an item online, the seller availed themselve of the discounted eBay shipping, then the post office tried to extort $48.50 in addition to the $37.00 I had already paid. And again, it seems to be a difference in locations--if the shipping due was really $90, why did they accept on the front end? Why does only one location measure on the tail end.

None of it makes any sense and I will try to avoid both at all costs. The only thing I'm finding reliable is UPS, but unfortunately that's only available through Reverb now.

Ugh. It's barely worth it anymore with all the extra time sorting this bs takes.

sQuirrelTree wrote the review because of poor customer service at FedEx. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants FedEx to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was arbitrary rejection of packages, refusing packages that meet fedex standards and trying to sell me boxes. Author liked the most reasonable price and hours of operation. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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