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i went fedex kinkos on 72nd street on tuesday in the late evening because i wanted to print a large scale poster for a project. i met a very rude employee.

the employee was not helpfull. did not answer any questions. he was very disrespectful, seemed annoyed to have to talk to a customer. he walked off.

when i called a nearby branch of fedex kinkos they said they could happily assist me and would print my poster even the same evening.

(i wanted to make a copy of a large scale text i had brought with me, and print it 10 times in poster size. after i was told that he could not copy or scan it, i suggested that i could write the text again on the computer and maybe he could print from a digital file.)

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i posted this complain a while ago. i am still customer at this fed ex branch.

the service improved a lot. i printed currently something again late at night and the service was excellent.

thank you fedex kinkos.

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