Kinkos provides terrible customer service. The last time I went into Kinkos I tried to print on the design work station computer color printer, but it did not have page tiling.

I proceeded to have it printed at the front desk, but the color printers were down. I had to drive all the way to another store to finally get a simple color print out. I was given the print outs for free, but was told that it would not be free if it happened again because it is not Kinkos fault that the printers were down. How about comping the print outs because it is good customer service?

Kinkos offers printing services, so shouldn't it work when you go there. And if it does not work, then, yes, it is your fault.

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San Diego, California, United States #693724

I work here so *** off you disrectful kid!!! You dont know how hard kinkos hworks!


do you not realize that there are numerous people who come in and use those machines? there will be times when a tech cannot come right out, that is not kinkos fault.

there is a contract with cannon or xerox. techs come when THEY are able to. kinkos does not fix their own machines. stop being so ignorant.

also self service computers are not going to have the same printing options you have at ur own house. if you dont wanna rely on whether all machines are running.....buy a printer!

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