fedex would not honor $25 dollar overnight delivery due to weather .. well tracking says other ...

augusta to memphis to louisville to memphis ??(wtf)?? then to destination ... i guess the driver got lost ??? not my fault, i paid for overnight and it was not delivered overnight ...

i want my money back or i will not do business with stores that deliver using CRAPEX ! fedex rep states due to bad weather, i guess the driver was the only one "under the weather" to drive 400 miles out of the way for nothing !!

i want a refund ! i will not use FEDEX again ...

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Ya mine was sopose to be here today but snowed the moring tell like 12then was clear alday


I beg to differ. Fed ex has been awesome out here In VA, UPS has delayed my package a week now.

Being childish forcing someone to deliver in terrible conditions won't get you your stuff it specifically says on both UPS and FedEx sites state they will not deliver in incliment weather and it is the fault of a buyer for not checking upcoming weather conditions.

If the driver crashes and all packages get damaged the driver takes the price. :cry :cry more


All lies! Waiting, waiting and still waiting for FedEx package and was told that the driver was unable deliver due to snow conditions.

Roads at my location are and have been clear of snow all week and UPS & US Postal Service have had no problem with delivery service. Was advised that I could drive 20 plus miles to Pittsburgh if I wanted to pick-up my package.

Isn't that what they were paid to do? What an incompetent, loser company!


i paid extra for sat. delivery because order was extremely urgent for me to get asap.

It snowed so they told me my package was locked in an airplane and could not be accessed. It was an hour away from my house.....what about just using a truck....you tell me. STILL have not reciceved URGENT PACKAGE.

And the plane is on an indefinite lockdown do to FAA reg.///?????? A NIGHTMARE...

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