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The driver of FedEx Santa Ana Costa Mesa region will sneak in the front door to slap a missed delivery note and ran like a thief. This happened twice.

The first time I waited the whole day and missed him. I thought my be I was in the restroom and did not hear him. I found his note only when my daughter came home from work and saw the note. The second time was in March 2012.

I and my wife were on guard the whole day and still missed him. When the delivery time is way over we went to the front door and sure as h8ck, the note was there.

Truly the stealth tactic of this critter is second to none. Needless to say I will not buy from any merchants associated with FedEx.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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I find that if I'm polite to my delivery person, I get courteous service. They used to not knock loud enough for me to hear, so when I was about to receive another package, I left a note on my door requesting that they knock loudly, and that I was indeed home.

I'm disabled and can't move quickly, and I mentioned that as well. They have been very accomodating and nice about it since.

I know some might actually do the whole stick a note routine (bad apples in every profession), and I'm sorry you had that happen. Report it, if you can prove it, and move on.


Lazy! Are u kidding me.

80% of the people we deliver to sit at desks punching computers. Theyve never done a hard days work in their life.

U ever notice theyre aren't alot of fat Fedex or ups guys. Name another profession u can say that about



Dear Sir,

There is NO KNOCK on the door. That is the beauty of a stealth tactic by people like you.

Anyway, I'm through with FedEx. Have a good day Sir.


bs @LMFAO i have caught those lazy F&^%s more than once trying to do the stick a note and run routine.


Yah well why dont you get up OFF your lazy *** when U hear a knock..we dont wait for *** TO FREEZE OVER pal..WE DONT GET PD BY THE HOUR..since you HOMO ners know everything! U see a note means U SNOOZE YOU LOOZE!

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