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I recently ordered a laptop, which shipped from California en route to Nevada on June 3rd. FedEx tracking said I would receive it on June 5th. There were two people in the house awake and available from 6 AM on June 5th. At around 10 AM I checked the tracking information and saw a notice that said "Delivery Exception", and a note that said delivery was attempted but customer was not home. I had been home all day, the front door was open, and there was someone sitting outside on the porch enjoying the weather for a great part of the day. A FedEx truck didn't even drive by, let alone attempt to deliver my package.

I called the 800 number and spoke to a representative who kept referring back to the note stating that I wasn't home when the delivery was attempted. I finally got a bit annoyed and replied that while there were places I would have liked to go that day, I was expecting a package delivery and so had refrained from leaving the house that day. She finally claimed that she couldn't find a number for the local office and would submit an e-mail order to have the package re-delivered that day. I asked if I could just go pick it up instead since I didn't want to wait the rest of the day hoping they'd decide to actually try and deliver this time, but was informed that I could not.

At the end of the day I still did not have my package. Tracking information has not been updated from "In Transit", so I have no idea where it was. I called the 800 number again today and was informed that it would probably be delivered tomorrow, since they don't deliver on Sunday or Monday. The agent either couldn't or wouldn't tell me where, exactly, my package was at the moment. As far as I know the lying driver who couldn't be bothered to actually do his/her job is giving the laptop a test drive now, and as extreme as that idea may seem, after the chain of lies from FedEx's representatives it doesn't seem so far fetched to me.

I have informed the company that I purchased the laptop from that I will not make any future purchases from them unless they change shipping carriers, and this holds true with all companies that ship with FedEx.

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Same problem, I emailed and asked if they have GPS tracking to verify delivery attempt. I was home all day, have dogs, and a video camera on my driveway.

So the driver is a liar.

Third time in two years this has happened. What can we DO!?


I lost what I just wrote to you, so I will paraphrase. I deal with Fedex all the time.

If you are out money file an online claim as the consumer people are either not trained ( big surprise ) or not at all truly helpful. Mention in the customer notes that your package has been In Transit indefinitely and therefore was never delivered.

Don't mention that you were home or not. Hope that helps.

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