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Fedex driver stated that he could not find my location ( delivery exception ). This is a location that has received many UPS deliveries and a few Fedex deliveries in the past with no problem.

I am far out from the terminal so I usually get my deliveries from Fedex after 5:00 p.m. and my packages are usually the last ones on the truck. However, this was on a friday and my guess is the driver was ready for the weekend so he decided to put me off til monday. I had rescheduled my on-sites because I knew my package was on the truck.

I waited at my home office for my package, never leaving my home all day!. I went in around 6:30 p.m. to check the status and noticed the "delivery exception". I began calling trying to find out what happened and that is when the real fun began.

After an hour of several people putting me on hold I finally got an answer that was unbelievable. The terminal manager said the terminal was closed and could not call back the driver. I asked if he could get me my package the next morning before 10:30 a.m. so I could keep my on-site call at 11:00 a.m." Saturday Delivery".

He said he could not guarantee this and that it was really a courtesy to even put it on the truck at all!!! I am a small businessman don't have a lot of pull.

However, take my advice if you have to use Fedex or UPS do yourself a favor don't use Fedex. They don't care how costly it is for you to not be able to fulfill your obligations.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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I had very close to the same experience.

I kept checking my tracking number and around 1PM it said "delivery exception", "wrong address"! I called the customer service and they said they did not know why the driver said the address was wrong. I spent all day on the phone and customer service said they could not contact driver.

Finally he showed up at 7:45pm and if I had not complained all day I do not think he would have showed up then.

When I asked what was with the wrong address he was acted rude and said "look at the address". Where the street number was there was a hole in the box and when I said "what about calling" he said he could not tell if it was 703 or 708 area code. There is no 708 area code in this or any adjoining state. After he left I turned the box over and the packing slip was there sealed in plastic with my name address and ph# plain as day on it.

He had handed me the box with the slip on the bottom of the box so I would not see it and confront him with that. Is this guy actually going to say that he did not know there was a packing slip on the box? He lied I guess because the box was heavy and he wanted to skip it on a Friday night.

Whatever his reason he lied and was a ***! I paid for two day shipping and if I had not raised *** I would have been Monday before it came. I am pissed and want to find out about making a formal complaint against this rude ***

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