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I specifically went to the Fedex office to confirm they could ship an ORMD package to alaska. The man at the counter said yes we can do that. I paid and he took the package.

a few days later the package is delivered to my front door with a note, "no ORMD delivery". I am not upset about being lied to, however Fedex refuses to refund my money.

I called the 800 number and got the typical run around, "sorry wrong dept...". Finally got heather in the revenue office, she says I'll fax you a form and you need to take it to the office you shipped from and they will refund your money. Sounded like a story to me, I said this seems like I have to do a lot of running around for somebody elses mistake.

And sure enough when I go to the office about a 30 min drive later. the man at the counter gives his initial response after hearing my story. "why do you want a refund?" my response "because you lied to me!" This starts a 15 minute argument where he states i need to call the 800 number for refunds. I tell him "the 800 number sent me here!" Pretty typical *** poor customer service If you ask me.

I have contacted my credit card that I used to pay with and put the charge in dispute. It will be a long time before I use fedex again.

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FedEx office locations do not issue the refunds. If there was a form faxed to that location, you would need to fill it out, then they would fax it back.

The fax would be free.

ORMD packages cannot be accepted at the office locations, you would have to take those to a world shipping center. The employee should have better training, and if he didnt know-he could call the fedex hotline.

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