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Edited out spefic info on my ID.

See complaint area below this.

Mr. Mendez…

Do me a favor.. I will prep and ship to u USPS priority mail as soon as I can get a different printer configured for probably be Friday or Saturday at earliest… Let me pay to return it to u..

And you only need to refund 50% of my money..

You guys have been great, great customer service.. and all.

I am so upset with FedEx I could spit.. My Wife even put herself out to make sure she did not miss them.. Not only did she stay home ALL DAY.. She did not hardly even get up out of living room, to do anything.. Not wanting to miss the pickup..

I figure FedEx Owes here let's see.. $25 an hour x 10 Hours $250Another $75 for making us miss our Dinner Appt. And $1.25 Mill just for being pains in butt..

Lol 

Thanks for all you do..!!!

-------------------------------------------Hi,,, Sorry to bother you with this… BUT..

Time for a website…

Holly smoke batman… We been had..

Fedex Screwed us over.. and are nothing short of retards..

Long story they never came by to pickup box…

I set this up last night. WASTED TIME.

They even had a box to mark for a late time I set it at 4PM with instructions to simply ring door bell.. Dog would have altered wife of their presence prior to there even making it to the porch.

I got home at 4:30 PM package still here.. Wife sat here all day waiting. We had plans at 5PM cancelled.

While on phone at 4:30PM FedEx rep said it was picked up at 2:29PM I said NOOO it's still sitting here.. She came back and said it would be picked up by 8PM… LIE< Called again at 7PM MY NORMAL BEDTIME.. Early riser.

Was told again it was picked up at 2:29PM I told them why were they lying to me.. I finally spoke to a supervisor.. informed him no one was here all day.. Except my wife trapped here waiting for them to pickup a package they were never going to pickup.

I also looked over my surveillance cameras NO ONE was here all day from fedEX especially not between 2PM and 3PM..

Send me a UPS Label and I will do my best to drop it off at the drop off point, within 72 hours or receipt.. I do not want to see smell or hear from Fedex..

If unacceptable.. I will simply take it to post office and send it USPS priority mail at my expense.. And believe me I would not mind at all if it screws fedex out of a few dollars..

The guy asked if I would set the box on porch for them to pickup.. I said dude.. Only if you take on the responsibility if it gets stolen.. Here is a clue.. I have a Locked Mail Box, I have all my incoming packages held at post office for me or wife to pickup.. Have had to have people federally charged for putting rats in mail box and steeling out of mailbox. I do not feel comfortable about leaving it on porch..

Please advise where to go from here..

Again you guys are the BEST.. Just FEDEX does nothing to help anyone.. Except lie.

Just do not want to deal with FEDEX prepared to use my acct to ship to u USPS priority mail..

I think after I get to work tomorrow I can persuade my Employer to go UPS instead of FEDEX nationwide…

This email is to confirm that a FedEx pickup has been scheduled through for the date and location indicated below. We look forward to serving you and thank you for shipping with FedEx.

Confirmation Number: CPU1613220660 Contact name: Jer KutAddress: 322 DADE STCity: MITCHELLState: IDZIP code: 43446Country: USPhone number: 8125830xx5Number of packages: 1Pickup Date: 07 Mar 2012

This is a post only mailing - please do not reply to this message.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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By the way the driver you sent the next day was rude from the get go.. So *** *** ME ***.

Mister pecfecto *** head.


*** YOU *** HOLE!!!

CRY BABY.... Some of my alterations probably offend you dumb ***.

Your *** *** even tried to send the guy to pick it up the next day..

What a Joke.. and again *** YOU.


wow do some spell checking..your wife is altered??steeling??you are to dumb to have anything of worth that a thieve would what!!this is what WE AT FED-EX have to deal with everyday!!People who can't read,spell,without blaming us..

to Asher Irving, Texas, United States #594791

You cannot spell either... Dumb ***.

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