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My husband works from home, and is always available for packages. On both the original delivery date and the redelivery date, no package came and no notice was left anywhere.

I had to go online to see that apparently the 'customer was unavailable'. Clearly no attempt was ever made, and now I have to go out of my way to pick up a package that should have been delivered last Friday because no doubt the 3rd and final 'attempt' will be unsuccessful and my package will be returned to sender.

This is unacceptable! No delivery and no notices clearly indicates no attempt made!

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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yea! go fed-ex claimed customer was not available so they made a delivery exception on my sat delivery.

funny thing is (well not funny at all) is that at the time they claim attempt was made I was sitting on the porch ( as I was for most of the day and did not leave my property at all on the day in question. and several security cameras show both that I was on the porch and that no fed-ex or any other vehicle drove anywhere near my property until about an hour later when I got a different delivery from fed-ex. nor did fed-ex leave any type of delivery attempt paper at the door. they are blatantly are false about the attempted delivery.

it is unfortunate that Fed-ex customer service is unwilling to listen to their customers. I will now go out of my way to use different services for deliveries to me and on anything I ship i will not give them my business unless a customer expressly requests fed-ex, even then I will attempt to dissuade them from fed-ex as a carrier.


Got the same experience: stayed to work at home via VPN the morning of the delivery, I paid for next day AM, you know how fuckg expensive this is, and FedEx lied about coming by, and posted a delivery exception. My desk is in front of a window, which happens to give on the street and my street is a dead end with a U-turn that any vehicle must pass through to exit the street. NO TRUCK ever came by EVER. The exception was posted at 10h30, and between the tracked time that the package was out for delivery, I was there 100% of the time. I have 100% sure proof that no FedEx truck ever came.


@Blondie: I understand now why you felt targeted by the 4th grade comment, you seem severely mentally challenged yourself: JBrooks specifically stated that there was no card left, which is the usual proof a driver came by, and also, he lives in an apartment complex. So there is no way the driver really came. You're just a f*cking shill posting for FedEx.


Try UPS, they are even worse. Three different drivers lied about their delivery attempts in three days and their supervisors could do nothing.


Oh please people. You have to use the bathroom and take a shower sometime.

You can't be there every single second of the day to know if they came or not. JBrooks- You shouldn't insult someones education you don't even know based on a package delivery. Travis- I doubt your 2 little boys missed out on a Christmas present. That is baloney.

You can pick it up at Fed-ex and since you wrote that 21st, you had plenty of time to get it. Some people must love to complain and thrive on it.


Fedex really globally LIES about delivery attempts. I paid extra for express shipping to get an order by the 23rd of December.

At first, the order was tracked as been at the fedex office the whole day of the 23rd and on the delivery bus in the morning of the 24th. I was home on both days and at the end of the day on the 24th, it was tracked as back in the fedex office as customer unavailable or business closed!! That is an absolute lie.

There were no attempts!!! Now, it's to be delivered after Christmas, the 27th............what's the point?


I was tracking my FedEx package yesterday it said would be delivered that day. My wife my son and I were all home, I opened my front door to run to a store about 7:30 and found a notice of an attempt to deliver the package at 7:05.

My doorbell is about 6 inches from where he stuck the notice and I was working on my computer which is no more than 5 feet from the front door. I can not explain why, but I can promise you they did not knock or ring the doorbell. I called Fedex customer service, they told me they dont attempt to use the doorbell because they ussually don't work unless you leave instructions to ring the bell. They said that the delivery was running late that day because of a late plane delivery that caused delays that day.

They told me it would be delivered the next day by 3pm, 3pm passed I call again said package is in truck and will be delivered by 9pm, and told me there were delays because of a late plane delivery today, I told them I was told the same thing yesterday and that can not be, because my package is already on the truck. They had no record of me calling yesterday. How they stay in business is beyond me. I can tell you this I will never pay for this service ever.

The driver lies about the delivery attempt and Customer Svc swears. I requested to speak with a manager or supervisor, and was told there was non available.

I guess I am the last delivery for this driver and since he is so busy, I will not get my package until after Christmas. I guss the only other option would be to pick it up and they are not close to where I live.


Ok, so to add to this story, I had another terrible time just getting the item held and picked up, but I will say this particular experience had a somewhat happy ending. I contacted the Fedex customer service, and they have stated they will contact my local office to ensure this doesn't happen again and even said they will send me a giftcard for my trouble.

Very nice, and unnecessary, gesture. So I give them credit for trying to make things right when it's brought to their attention.


Sorry to hear both of those stories, and unfortunately, mine is almost identical. I've been home during the day each day for a month due to a broken foot (which is in a boot). I get packages 3-4 times a week for my home business - most are UPS, which has been fine.

But last Saturday AND today I was expecting packages from fedex - and even though I was home both days, the tracking info said 'customer was unavailable' even though they never knocked, attempted delivery or left a notice. To top it off, I live in an apartment community which has a main office which UPS drops undeliverable packages off so residents can pick them up the next day. No diea why the 4th grade-educated moronic fedex dirver didnt do the same.....oh yea, he never even attempted delivery!!

Total BS from FedEx, but I have no choice because one of my distributors only uses FedEx...sigh...


they suck, they sent my package back now i have to tell 2 boys they will not be getting their christmas presents... thanks fed ex way to freeaking go... i think ill right an article in the local paper about the two boys that didnt get their christmas...

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