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Fedex does not deliver as promised. While I sat home 3 days waiting for a package that was never delivered as promised, my package sat at the Mount Vernon, NY facility for 3 days!

They lied to me and also to the company who sent my package. The company I ordered from was nice enough to call Fedex and they were also lied to! They even opened a case number for them.

Perhaps Fedex should change their name because they certainly should not have Express in thier name. From the people who answer the phones at that facility to the supervisor, they all lied to me.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Oh, man...that isn't just bad...that's despicable! I am seriously considering some sort of class action against the company-this forum alone is filled with people who have had similar experiences with FedEx.

I've already contacted the maker of the item which was to be delivered yesterday as I fear that the continued exposure to heat and humidity here in Georgia over the next two days before they even attempt re-delivery will cause damage to the item and asking him what recourse I may have with either him or FedEx to be reimbursed for the 500.00 loss of the item if it's damaged due to the heat....I'm absolutely sick of this kind of treatment and just hearing others' stories makes me even more furious. It's time FedEx was knocked from its superior "status."

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