I had arranged for medicine to be sent to me from Canada (as that's where I have health coverage) and I have a chronic illness. The meds were sent priority international with door to door service.

Fedex guy never showed up, ended up giving my package to someone else and now FEDEX has taken over 3 days to get back to me. Why? apparently the depot has to locate the delivery agent, which they didn't the whole day that I was waiting for the package. Then they told me that they'd call me back by the end of the day and never did.

Then it was the weekend, then monday, same thing, Tuesday - I get told, "oh our delivery guy is in the hospital we can't get in touch with him so we can't launch the investigation". So basically they have no system in place to solve the issue. My package specifically outlines instructions for delivery - it says to make sure I (MY NAME) gets it and if I'm not there to please call my phone so I can arrange for pickup (if for some reason they couldn't get into the building). Turns out the package was signed for by Bret, my name is Rithvik, does that seem remotely similar??

I DON'T THINK SO. Now Fedex says to me - oh we don't know what to do, we can't locate the delivery guy. So because they don't have proper policies in place, I have to suffer. After paying over 300 dollars to get my stuff over to me in the UK, they don't even have the courtesy to follow up with me.

Outrageous. Frankly I couldn't care less if the guy who was to deliver my package has left the country; it's their responsibility to do door-to-door delivery...under their current logic, i mean anyone can sign for anyone's package and just be off with their stuff! First Fedex tried to make it sound like they're not liable by saying oh we get it to the building and then it's not our responsiblity. To which I responded - it says door-to-door.

No one rang my doorbell or knocked on my door so what's the point of door-to-door and international priority!??! The customer here has NO voice. I have tried to talk to as many people as I can in their customer service group and I get the same response - oh we are doing our best. Oh we can't do anything right now...3 business days and 5 days have elapsed since I launched a complaint and NOTHING has been done.

I'm now suffering because i have to reorder meds and this takes a month. What do these idiots do for a living?!?

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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