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FedEx claims they delivered my package and I personally signed for it on Dec 3. I have never received the package so FedEx says to contact the seller and for them to file a claim.

My seller says they shipped the package through FedEx and this has nothing to do with them, but solely with FedEx. FedEx says check all your neighbors. Of course, none of my neighbors have seen the package. This is FedEx's responsibility of the lost package, not my responsibilty to track down all my neighbors or the seller's responsibility to file a claim with FedEx.

FedEx keeps saying they have proof of signature, but will not provide me with a copy of my signature...hmmm.

What a rip off and a joke of a company! It is now Jan 6 and FedEx says my "claim has been closed, thanks for your business, bye."

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FedEx did the same thing to me. They delivered my laptop to the wrong address and got their signature and said it was delivered.

Whether or not it was the wrong address doesn't seem to matter.

Even though I insisted it was to the wrong address. The shipper won't file a waiver since FedEx said it was delivered so now I'm out of a laptop and hard earned money.

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