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I ordered 3 books from a website and I was told that they would arrive within 4 days. I even got a tracking number.

I tracked it everyday and for 3 days it had an accepted scan but it never moved. So I called Fedex and they told me it was nothing to worry about. 2 weeks go buy and I called the people I ordered it from. They told me that means it has been lost in the mail.

Fedex basically told me anything just to calm me down. So the people I ordered the books from refunded my money and apologized but I told them no need because it was not their fault it was Fedex for losing it in the first place. It has been over a year since I ordered these books and I have yet to receive them. The only reason I am even writing a review is because Fedex has pissed me off yet again by not delivering my packages on time.

If I can avoid it I will never use Fedex shipping again they are horrible. and when they do deliver things on time If it's raining they just leave your package in the rain without even covering it with plastic like UPS does.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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