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My mother in law had a big box full of school clothes for my daughter. She had placed it in the mail through fed ex for it to be delivered to my house in 3 days.

This package NEVER arrived at my house. This package was delivered to another address with a different name and obviously different address. I cannot believe how this could happen. My mother and law and I have spoken to customer service and they said they would try and retrieve the package but they never found it.

In this city I live in that is not a surprise they should know this. My mother in law and I have continually been in contact with fed ex but they say they are trying to exaust all avenues. What avenues?? There is only now to recompensate the value of the package to my mother in law.

How DARE fedex keep giving us the run around when we pay for them to do THEIR JOB. It obviously is THEIR fault for not having employees who satisfactorily do their job. If the address and name does NOT match do not deliver to that address it is pretty simple. Now my daughter is without her school clothes because of fedex.

How dare this company treat our important mail like it is nothing. It is not right and it is VERY irresponsible. Then fedex calls my house asking for the person they delivered the box too. Saying MY home phone is under this person's name.

REALLY? Then this customer service person said they didn't know where this box was delivered too, I said what I have the address that you delivered too and how can you not have it. This is a complete JOKE to fedex. Obviously more than one employee needs more training.

I am so so disappointed and very upset. I demand the value in cash for my daughters school clothes!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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