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I am a 60 years old man, hardworking, just a regular joe. I'm a tax paying citizen and have the right to express my disgust about this company called Fedex. My wife sold a medical equipment, sensitive and expensive to a customer in Texas. We went to a FedEx Kinko's store to ship the package. The attendant asked us if we wanted to insure the package and also wanted signature required on delivery. We chose both options, we insured it for lower value to cover physical damage, then the equipment could be repaired, but we asked for the recipient's signature. The attendant made "‹"‹a serious mistake: she checked the option signature requested on the paper form but failed to do the same on the computer screen. The package followed the destination and was delivery and left by Fedex at the front door, the signature was not required and the package was stolen, we don't really know what happened to it. The recipient was at home all day long and no one knocked the door to deliver a package. In fact I believe that FedEx lost the package which was worth US$ 3,500.00. The company refuses to pay for the merchandise that was lost. Were submitted all required documents and they flatly refused to pay for my merchandise that was in their possession.

The only thing I can say now is that Fedex simply stole me. It's not fair, I trusted in this company and now they don't want to replace the equipment, and now I need to buy another one to give to the client!

Tracking #: 469113015110257

Claim #: 0409714144

All the documents referred to this case are available for download http://hatefedex.tk


Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $3515.

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FedEx will steal a high dollar package and deliver your items to a person that is not supposed to sign for the parcel. Unless you insure then they will not honor any claim and if you insure you might get money back.

I’m no longer using their service and I had been a business customer for a long time.

They stole a $3,000 item. Beware of shipping with fedex!


I had FedEx take an item from my garage on April 14-2016 when no one was home without any numbers or paperwork . The package that was scheduled for pick up was April 15 2016.I called FedEx to have stopped and returned.

FedEx never followed through and lost my package.

They have now refused to pay for it. I have posted my land for FedEx employees not to enter my property.

Know have to start a lawsuit.



FedEx is horrible!! - We added privacy screens to our dogs fenced in area so that the FedEx man can no longer harass/harm our beloved animals.

~~~ FedEx needs to drug tested their employees and perform a background check on each of their employees.~~Our FedEx delivery man is retaliating to a complaint I placed against him 2-3 years ago after I caught him aiming a device at my dog. My dogs are behind a chain link run off the side of our house. I caught the FedEx driver standing on our sidewalk aiming a blue device at my dog. Keep in mind, my dogs do NOT like the trucks of UPS and FedEx drivers, so they always carry on and bark like crazy, but that does NOT give the FedEx driver the right to antagonize and harass my dogs.

Still unsure of device that was being used on my dogs. The driver didn’t leave until I went outside and asked him what he was doing. For the past 2-3 years we have tried to NOT use FedEx as a shipping carrier, but some on-line merchants will not let you choose the shipping carrier. Needless to say, for the past 2-3 years our packages end up being delivered else-where….

at least 1-3 times per year.

Their drivers need to be drug tested and a background check needs to be performed on their employees. We have since put in home security cameras and added privacy screens to our dogs fenced in area so that the FedEx man can no longer harass/harm our beloved animals.

to mic***e216 #1107423

I agree that FedEx loves to lose packages but I also think that you should train your dogs better. No one likes an undisciplined pet.

to Anonymous #1110075

You need to learn how to read.... ''My dogs are behind a chain link fence off the side of our house.'' Let me reword it for you....

My dogs were in a completely confined chain link fence off to the side of my house!!!!

The fedex driver was in our front yard.


Ever occur to you that the recipient is lying about not recieving the shipment?

No, of course not, it's always the transportation company's fault.

Get a lawyer and sue FedEx if you're that serious about this situation, rather than b*tching about it here.

Nice grammer in your post - ever had an english lesson?

to Whocares New York, New York, United States #806174

maybe you need to learn to spell wise guy. It's grammar, not grammer.. lol

to me #1379310

It receiving not recieving.


Even in Manila Philippines Fed Ex is a SCAM.

Bought books from amazon as it turns out it was elible to be tax free but they had it taxed anyway. When they delivered it to my suprise they where billing tax with a 40 percent mark up of their own on top of the post office goverment's maximum calculation and they give you fake reciepts. FED is the a candidate for the SCAMMER award around the world.

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