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I cannot describe how frustrated I am because of FedEx' attitude towards it's customers. I was one of the lucky few who were going to receive HP TouchPad tablets at discount prices from HP. After about 7 weeks of wait, HP shipped my TouchPad 32 GB via FedEx. I had paid them extra for overnight shipping.

It was supposed to get delivered to me on Monday (10/17/2011), and was shipped on Saturday (10/15/2011). I observed that the status of my package had not progressed over the weekend. It still said "Left FedEx Facility".

Right then I knew something was wrong. So I called FedEx on Monday asking if I should be expecting the package. At first, they answered in affirmative. Then I told them about the status which still said "In Transit", and they said they want to trace the package.

I have called them around 10 times in last 36 hours, but to no avail. They are not able to find my package. Funny thing is the item go on a FedEx vehicle (or an airplane, I don't know), but never got off it. How is that even possible without a *** job by an insider who knows the system, and is aware that HP TouchPads are a hot commodity at the moment.

Their answer is simply, "Ask HP for a refund, we cannot locate the package". HP on the other hand, as expected, declined to ship another TouchPad, and say that I have to file a claim with FedEx, and they will refund my money.

So not only my original payment is kind of stuck, a product that I paid for is not with me because of FedEx. It certainly is a scam that FedEx employees are running inside the system. Why else do you think a majority of "lost" items are electronics and computers? And if an item got scanned while it was loaded on a vehicle, how is it possible that it was never unloaded off the truck and somehow got misplaced?

What I demand from FedEx is either a HP Touchpad or a refund amount that would be enough for me to buy a comparable Tablet computer in retail market.

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Sorry to tell you but I worked for FedEx and FedEx could care less about your package! They don't even care about they're employees!

I also had my touchpad lost by them! All they care about is not having to pay!

So they're are going to do what ever they can to make out not their fault. They're an awful company to bad more people don't know it


I am sorry, Matt. There's apparently a big scam going on.

These shipping companies think this is a quick way to make money.

They can easily get $300 for each TouchPad, so even if they refund the original $150, they still made $150 per TouchPad without any investment. Sounds like a money making business to me (although totally illegal, unethical, and immoral..but hey this is capitalism for ya)


Same exact thing happened to me!!!!!!

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