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I purchased a movie poster from a somewhat large business located in Canada. This business only ships with FedEx, and I never had a problem until now.

I bought a poster that was shipped on the 24th of January for $44 after shipping. I checked the status on my package and realized that it was stuck at the local FedEx facility, since the 26th of January.

I called up FedEx and they did keep in touch with me throughout this ordeal. I just got off the phone with them today; February 4, 2008, and they just told me that they lost the package.

All they told me was that I can file a claim and get my money back. The product I bough was a movie poster that was $44 at the time of my purchase, and now it is worth $125.

I assume that someone from FedEx stole my product, since they track all packages. I guess they do not do background checks on their employees.

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You are so right

When they lose your package its not there fault but yours. They send in the tracing team which are people who traces parcels and goods that are lost.

One things for sure they are not nice and they make you the thief. This is not right and I know some people are going to file a lawsuit in the USA. If you are getting a package and its says direct signature what does it mean.

Only the person who its addressed too should get it right? Yes but in our case it wasn't and now out of a parcel and hiring a lawyer now to sue FEDEX


i lost many times. I checked with my tracking number said left on the front door 8.24pm.

I left my house 5.30am next and dont have any package at all. I very upset. Why dont they nock my door cuz my family are 8 people in a house. many time when I order something online.

My dress from DR. My shoes from nike.

and few another things from ebay and amazon. I live at bothell wa.


My first time using Fedex and they lost my luggage!! :( I did have faith in them at first but the tracking agent made me think that he didn't care and knew it was lost or stolen.

Now I have to buy new clothes and prove how much the value of my contents were to get $100.00.

Which is not even half the cost whats in the bag!! :(


FedEx workers are thieves. i have never had problems with USPS or UPS.

but when it comes to FedEx my packages never come. i ordered 3 things at different times. the item gets stuck somewhere and never gets to my house. in less than a month i lost 3 packages.

3! my neighbor has the same problem, my mom saw the delivery guy knocking at the door, then when no one opened the door he placed the sticker on the door and he took it off right after and took the package back.

so my neighbor though that there's someone who is stealing his packages in the building. this is insane.


FedEx workers are thieves. i have never had problems with USPS or UPS.

but when it comes to FedEx my packages never come. i ordered 3 things at different times. the item gets stuck somewhere and never gets to my house. in less than a month i lost 3 packages.

3! my neighbor has the same problem, my mom saw the delivery guy knocking at the door, then when no one opened the door he placed the sticker on the door and he took it off right after and took the package back.

so my neighbor though that there's someone who is stealing his packages in the building. this is insane.


I have a terrible history with FedEx. I have things sent to my house all the time (USPS, UPS) with no issue -- whenever a package gets lost, it's always FedEx.

It's always "we delivered the package already, no one was home," when clearly, somebody was home all day. The worst experience was several years ago when I paid upwards of $60 to have application materials sent to a university in Hong Kong for study abroad. It contained a lot of my personal information, including a scan of my passport and my SSN. I required a signature for delivery.

After FedEx claimed the package had been delivered, I checked with the university (HKUST) for confirmation. They said they never received it. I filed a claim and called FedEx to ask for a rectification of some sort. Their response was a very rude "somebody signed for it, so it's not our problem." They showed me the so-called "signature," which was several random letters written in all-caps.

I demanded to know why a signature from someone that was clearly not my intended recipient could be accepted as receipt confirmation. Again, their response was "not our problem," and they refused to rectify the issue or discuss any further. I'm appalled that a major shipping company can exhibit such irresponsibility and abysmal customer service.

When somebody pays $60+ to have a package delivered and signed for, is this kind of result really acceptable? By the way, I had the same package re-sent to the university with UPS and it arrived promptly with no any issues whatsoever.


I've been waiting for my coach purse I ordered. I tracked it and it said delivered at 5:15 and left on side of door.

I was outside around that time until 6 pm. There was no package and I never saw a truck pulled up.

Fedex probably have thieves working for them. They need to be responsible for the things they lose a steal!!


FedEx claims they delivered my package and that I personally signed for it. I never received my package so FedEx claims I must take the issue up with the seller.

The seller sent the package so of course they say they are not at fault and they have done everything they were supposed to do. FedEx says check with your neighbors. Of course, none of my neighbors have it. Regardless, this is not the sellers responsibility or my responsibilty to find this package it is FedEx's responsibility!

Since the seller wont file a claim with fedex because they already did their part of the deal, fedex says my claim is closed and they can do nothing more. And of course they cant provide me with my signature from when they supposedly delivered my package.

What a rip off and joke of a business! :(


FedEx needs new management , and new employees they lost my package and I'm still fighting with them about it


I sent a phone back to its company and they claim that they do't have it.


Ordered a bunch of clothes (totalling to about 150$). I was super excited to receive them...

Tracker says "out for delivery"... Stay home all day waiting... Nothing. The next day tracker says "delivered".

Wtf. Contact FedEx via their email form and get a pre-written message saying I need to take it up with the seller. Uh... The seller could prove to me that they shipped it.

FedEx couldn't prove that they delivered the package to me. It has nothing to do with the seller. It was FedEx who screwed up. So I contact them again explaining this, and guess what?...

I got the same pre-written message.

My package has been missing for a month now. :(


I was expecting a large package delivered via FedEx today and was anxiously awaiting it to arrive. I checked the tracking info in the morning and it said it was on the truck for delivery, after being home all day, I checked the tracking number again and it said they'd left it on the porch in the late afternoon.

Well, it was not on the porch and I had not seen a FedEx driver pull up to my house even though I'd been outside most of the afternoon. When I called FedEx they treated me like I had somehow missed seeing the package (it's over 20 pounds of wedding dishes coming in a box over 2 1/2 feet wide--pretty hard to miss). The person I spoke with said they'd look into the issue when they opened again on Monday (today is Saturday) and that he hoped I was able to find my package (not that he hope THEY were able to find my package)! There was no apology or any sort of sympathy for the situation.

Instead, I hung-up feeling like my package was gone for good. How can a company get away with treating customers this way?



I am tired of the laziness and inability to pay attention to details by their drivers. At home they just toss the package on the doorstep without even knocking or ringing the bell.

At work this week their driver mis-delivered a $3000 laptop that I needed to get ready for a new hire ASAP. The guy just delivered it to another business because that company was also getting a piles of Dell boxes and thought they all went together. Two days later this other business (good honest people) calls and says they have my package.

Meanwhile FedEx has been giving me the runaround telling me that someone here signed for it therefore it was here and it's my problem. This is even after I tell them we don't even have an employee by the name they claim signed for the package.


My friend shipped me 2 kilos of herb. The box arrived empty.

The next day I see the FEDEX man eating a box of Super Sugar Crisps without any milk. Need I say more


Just got off the phone with Fedex, purchased a top from Ebay for my Jeep. I notified the sender that the shipping address was incorrect and never received a response back.

I then notified Fedex and told them I wanted it held. Fedex told me to wait till the next day. I called back after going online and tried to check the box, yes the check box that states hold at Fedex location. I got a message saying i would need to contact customer service.

I chatted online with their CS rep, she told me they could not hold it at Fedex until they try at least one attempt!! What the HE** I told them I didn't live there!

The lady said sorry they have to make one attempt, so i asked her "what if the person who now lives there is less than savory and accepts the package, it is an apartment complex!" she said there was nothing they could do they need to make one attempt. This is ridiculous why would you put someones purchase in jeopardy even after the recipient requests to not have it delivered and held for security reasons at the Fedex location??


i too ordered a macbook, worth easily 2500-3000 and i scanned into the local fedex destination, called to see if i could pick it up, "nope its containerized" so waited all weekend, called Monday " nope its still containerized" it will be sent out Tuesday. "Tuesday comes, all day i look for that "out for delivery" message, nothing called them up, apologized, etc, then they wanted to know who the shipper was and how much it was worth...

almost like they knew it was from apple and and someone had been tracking it internally to "swipe it" and from the research ive done from then on, its close to the same story, always with high value items... seems like the shipping industry has fallen down, UPS and fedex are having almost the same issues..i dont know about dhl or the others, but its getting ridiculous.

Maybe a class action lawsuit needs to open up... for the shippers and the receivers.


I ordered a pair of $600 skis last weekend, and they're something that i've been saving up for and researching almost every day for the last 2 years. i usually keep a close eye on my packages via the tracking number, but this time they have not been scanned in to a new location for about 2 days. is this bad?


I made a purchase on 07/07/2011, and I was supposed to get it on 07/12/2011. The package was supposed to be delivered by Fedex SmartPost, but I never received it.

I checked the package status online and it said it was already delivered. I called Fedex, and they kept giving me numbers, that would only operate by machine or they would never answer. I decided to write an e-mail to the customer support, and they replied that I should check with my neighbors and also gave me a phone number that I spent the whole day calling, and nobody would answer. I checked with all my neighbors and nobody knows anything.

It is Fedex responsability to give the package in hands or ask for a signature. The delivery guy probably just left the package outside, didn't even ring the bell (because I was home all day), and left.

This is a very irresponsable thing to do since, anybody can get the package. I'll be filling a lawsuit if I don't get my package until the end of this week.


me and my roomate wanted to better our health buy getting the new e-cigarrete paid for two day shipping,left over night to take mom to hospital visit , came home and no package,cleed fedex told them it wasnt there . was told they left it in the mailbox,we have 5 dogs and they had the nerve to say that the dogs prolly took it,so the dogs came into te basement carried a step ladder to the mailbox,climbed it, and with their possible thumbs opened it and took the package right?we live out in the middle of nowhere,i think the driver stole it,have had the same neighbors forever and never no theft , on top of that just bought a new jackson kelly guitar got it through ups and they dropped it off inside the basement door,it was there when i got home why couldnt fed-x do the same.i think we need to go pubplic and let fed-x know we r tired of getting ripped off, anyone with me?



i send gifts to my parents it worth 1700 dollar (ipad and tiffany charms) i choose fedex because i thought my package will be delivered safely on time ,guss what it didnt and they simply said it has been lost .

it is bad enough that i couldnt be with my family at their special occasion also my gifts to them didnt made it :?

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