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My name is Cecil Yael Delgadillo García, and I Mexican, me and my partner never had the right advice and never concern about our issues. FedEx is a company that only want our money and after that they try to scam you (in México they said that I need to pay USD $50 for each day in storage (¡¡¡!!!) This complains were made in Spanish in the web site that FedEx has as client service to North America in my name. They don't care about so many complains and help calls. Finally I can get my package but was not because FedEx helped in anyway, as you can see in my complain and from my partner in Thailand, your employees never could help us.So, now we are thinking is not the fault of the employees that you have, is a fault for the directors or administration in your company, until now we don’t know if you are a franchise or you are a global company, in any case would be important that you can check how is the way that your "franchises" act in each country.I made the decision that never again use your company in my shipments but in order to help you, just in the case that you want improve your services, is make you a couple suggestions.

1.- Is necessary the capacitation of your employees, is not possible that people working there they don’t know about the necessary process in order to send a shipment, and then the clients need to figure out how to deal this. 2.- In case the international shipment FedEx México said me that if the client require you give an assessor to the client about the shipment, I bag you that in the case in countries as Thailand and México and so many others, show your good will, or show the good will to your employees and the iniciative to offer the clients even they don’t require, give an assessor. Cause today at our eyes, FedEx only is looking the way to get our money and then no be responsible about anything.

I have news for you, the world is changing, we urge need this changes, and as a client for any kind of company that don’t respect the client and looks like you now (I mean a company that only want take the money and not be responsible about anything related about the service that we paid), we arise our voice and we will be in charge that anyone close or far to us, using the social networks, be aware the kind of company that you are. We point and demand the right service, cause we are the clients, we paid you, and thank you to us, your company exist.

Thank you, and I hope that maybe just one of you sounds with this message and can make the necessary changes that we need.

Cecil Yael Delgadillo García.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.


I didn't like: Disinterest in helping.

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