Had some packages to return with pre priced FedEx labels. Tried to arrange pick up on their website.

What a joke!! That website is the most user unfriendly website out there. After screwing around with it for 45 minutes I just said forget it. I would NEVER use them again.

UPS is not only easier to use, but has many more local options for drop off. FedEx sucks!

I am a pretty computer savvy person, and the run around trying to set up an account with them is absolutely the most agitating experience I have ever had as a consumer trying to use a service / product.. EVER!

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To create a shipment online is the worst experience. I have never seen a website with so many errors prompted here and there and yet cannot be resolved.

Two words to describe. Confusing and rubbish.


Same for me. The FedEx web site just takes you in circles and eventually, when you think you are registered (personal) you get the "service unavailable, try again later". Why bother.


I agree 100%. I have tried 3 times to create a shipping label, been on the line with customer service, created an account and the website is still hung up.

Customer service even admitted that they've had trouble taking credit card numbers. Now, I can't even get to the "payment" tab, worst website ever.


Fed Ex has the most user UNFRIENDLY website I have ever experienced. It is ridiculous that a big company like this has such a messed up system. I don't they want you to set up an account.


Hey, 7 years later and it still sucks, unable to create an account, and tried 3 different browsers. Called in on phone only to find out you can only do it on website.

So I am unable to schedule a delivery. Pathetic!


The web fedex interface is awful, not user friendly.


Completely useless website - freezes, loses information. What happened to the older interface? We're a business that wants to use FedEx regularly - guess they don't want us as a customer.


Fedex just blew my mind. Such a huge company with such a poorly designed website.I tried paying a bill online and at first I was getting upset but after a while it just became ridiculous.I couldn't even review or look at a bill without making an account.

I kept getting asked for invoice # and the bill that was mailed only had the bill # in it. Why don't they add invoice # in the bill is stupid.So I'm forced to make an account in order to pay my bill. I try to make an account and there seems to be 3 steps: Contact Info/Account Info/Confirmation. Shouldn't be too hard.Step 1: Contact InfoDoneStep 2: Account InfoI'm asking for a mysterious 9 digit Fedex account #I haven't even made an account yet but I'm asked for an account #.

I'm in the process of making an account.I google it and I'm told it should be under my account information on the Fedex website. I don't have a Fedex account though, that's what I'm trying to do. In order for me to create an account, I need to go look for my Fedex account # of the account I haven't created yet.Turns out, that my account was created even though I didn't do step 2-3. It's not going to tell you that your account was created, you will not get an email confirmation either.Now that I have an account, time to finally pay my bill...

wait I'm still asked for that mysterious 9 digit Fedex account #. After time spent googling, turns out you have to add a payment method to your account first, and only then will the mysterious Fedex # appear.So I try adding a payment method but credit card is invalid and I'm told to call a number.I call the number, wait 20 minutes in line before someone picks up. I'm told I have to pay through my online bank.. so I just do it over the phone.

Took 3-4 minutes.A company that large, that has a website that poorly designed. It's really embarrassing.


Agree. I got stuck with an account in the Advanced Shipping.

Can not find my billing card, can't find my account number which they need after you already log in??? Not easy to even print a level.

Least intuitive website I've ever seen. I'm very computer literate.


Here we are 8 years later and it still sucks so bad. I can't find account information.

Searches don't find tracking ID's. It's such a pain in the butt just to figure out my transactions and get the charges for each, which I need to bill customers.

Come on you guys, hire some actual web designers who might actually try to make a site that works. Pathetic is not nearly strong enough of a description or your web site.

Alton, Illinois, United States #1261546

I'm also trying currently trying to "check pick-up availability"as per the instructions left on my door tag since I missed a delivery, and the website is absolutely useless. And this is 5 and a half years AFTER this original post was made....

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #1245017

I just spent 3 hours trying to make a shipment. Every time I laboriously entered my info, I would press "ship" and it would error out.

I called customer service twice trying to fix things. Supposedly everything fixed.

Put info in AGAIN, press SHIP.

Same noninformational error message telling me to call customer service. I WILL NEVER EVER USE FEDEX AGAIN.


DITTO!!! PS - It just showed me some other users information after signing up.

Lovely.. Now its telling me it can "verify" me after I just joined up..

I'm just trying to get them to leave the package at the door.. This should not be so difficult.


I agree, their web site is beyond vague it's not useable. I can't believe that no one at FedEx has taken time to try out their site from a customer point of view, but they obviously haven't because the site is still unusable.

On the FedEx site I clicked on their "got a question email us" button.

It takes you to a page that says please provide the following information and there was nowhere to type in any information nor did it say what information they needed. And trying to locate the nearest FedEx location was another exercise in the rediculas realm of the FedEx website.


Couldn't agreed more about how suck FedEx website is. Most user unfriendly website ever.

I create a FedEx user id and doesn't have the "account number". The register system didn't mention without account number, your user id basically useless. I scroll again and again, didn't find where to create a account number.

Spend 20 mins to find that tiny hidden triangle said account management(nothing about account#) when I click it, it shows system error! I use computer for online activities everyday, and this is one of my worst experience.

Spring Hill, Tennessee, United States #933342

I agree 100%. I am never going to use the Fedex website again and will use UPS from now on.

They did not pick up a letter and now I have to drive 2 1/2 hours to hand deliver it in the morning. I am very computer savvy and their website SUCKS!


Getting a Freight Quote (LTL) is like pulling teeth from a bear! You have to KEEP clicking FREIGHT and not package.

Then the screen goes to ....... yes...... PACKAGE !! Slow and needs some help !!!

It used to be a great website that was fast and went to the information you asked for ......

please help it someone !!

Also, it now has "ISSUES" You can't even pull up "some" pages on the FedEx Website from Iphone or Ipad. Called them and they just said they knew, but had no intention of doing anything about it.

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