Fed Ex left a tag on the door for us to sign on a package that was suppose to be here 3 days ago. I was at home the lazy *** driver never even knocked or pushed the door bell button. I opened the door and he was driving away and I know he seen me because he slowed down but then he went on anyway. I called and the Lady said no they could not call him to come back. so i signed the tag stuck it on the door and the next day another tag was left instead of the package, once again i called and they Lady said that the signature tore off the first tag when the dumb *** driver pulled it off the door i looked and sure enough on the ground the 1st tag was tore up and on the ground. once again i still don't have the package. fed ex is the worst company i have ever had any dealings with in my life. please for your own sake, request your packages to be shipped UPS...

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FedEx is responsible for the actions of their drivers or rather they should be but since they do not hold their drivers accountable the result is poor service throughout the whole company not just one driver.


So so true. This happened to me several times.

One time, I looked out the window, saw the FedEx Ground truck pull up, ran down the stairs, but by the time I got to the door, all I got was their *** sticky note. No knock, no doorbell ring, no wait (55 seconds - timed - for me to run down the stairs), and no driver. Gone!!! So then I have to waste 5 hours to retrieve my package from their warehouse.

Completely horrible experience. :(


sounds like you have a problem with your driver ... not the entire corporation.


Yes!! lets all put together a class action lawsuit and shut down FedEx!! Sure.........

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