I will never ever use Fedex again, ever. And if I can avoid them when buying online I will.

First parcel took 2 weeks instead of 4 days. They shipped the parcel to the other side of the country while it was one state away. Second parcel was on the truck for delivery, spend all day waiting, and finally it was re-scheduled for the next business day. Was waiting for this as it was for Halloween.

So there goes the surprise.

This has got to be the worst company I have dealt with. I've never had one single problem with UPS in three years.

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I agree here, I as well will never use fedex if at all possible. My package was supposed to be here DEC 31 and when I checked online that morining it showed as out for delivery.

The terminal for them is about 20 miles from my house and I drove in that area to do some shopping. When I got home no package and when I checked online this time it said it is weather delayed. Strange cause I had no problems and I saw UPS out everywhere.

now with it being new years and all they say that my package will not be delivered until Jan 4 which to me is completly unexceptable, but what do I know. Even though I'm sure one person doesn't make a difference to them I will never use them again period.


it's not the fedex company itself, it is probably the courier who scanned it wrong! don't blame the company it's the best in the shipping business..everyone makes mistakes.


anulook98 ur just ignorant. shipping does not go from point a to b.

think of the gas if each individual package went that way. if it was so *** cheap, drive it yourself.also sounds like you shipped ground. which btw, does not have a guaranteed arrival date.

not unless you pay extra. which i dont think you did

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Just so everyone knows, Fed Ex is nothing more than a glorified DHL. They own nothing, it is all sub contracted.

This is why no one cares.

Do yourself a favor and go with UPS. At least UPS isn't so ashamed of their drivers they sub contract out like DHL.


ur dumb

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