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These guys are trained to be rude! unbelievable!! I will never use fedex again. I think their policy and hiring requirement says, are you an ***? if not, we will not hire you!

I sent someone to pick up a package at ADSA and the retard, rude monkey says, i am telling how it is, you cannot have him pick up the package!

how fricking rude!! and then to make matters worse, when i asked to talk to supervisor, he says he will not talk to me on my guy's cell phone so he says call the location, i ask for the number and he gives me 1800 go fedex and says just ask for ADSA and they know who we are and transfer you. i ask him to call me and he says he will NOT do that. then when i call the 1800 number, they ask me, what is ADSA?

Anyway, save yourself the headache and not use fedex again. I will certainly not ever use them again.

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The customer service rep was rude. I refused a package at the door.

The merchant got it and hasn't credited me so I rang Fedex to get a tracking number. The woman chewing gum tells me they don't give out tracking number have to get it from the merchant. I asked the fedex guy at the door for the number and he refused to give it to me and walked off.

Never ever will I use Fedex!! Horrors!


They can't give you the station's number. and if you're not the person it's addressed to when you pick up, and/ or don't have the same address, and/or don't have the same last name, you probably won't get it.

You expect them to just give the package to whoever says "I'm John Smith"? Then you'd be mad they gave it to the wrong person.

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