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Next day shipping was supposed to arrive on Saturday - I left two notes on the door with my contact information if they were unable to get into the lobby. Nothing, no door tag.

Called them 3 days later about the package - they said tomorrow morning. I waited all day inside and looked up tracking information - failed to deliver it because "nobody was at home" (again there were two notes and I was waiting for them inside as indicated by the notes).

It is now the 4th day and I've called customer service representatives about 4 times. On the third call, the rep assured me they would contact the driver who would try and see when he/she can make it back here. Nothing happened so I called again. This customer representative said there are no records that I ever called and nobody was ever contacted.

In sum: next-day package has not arrived and it's been 4 days now. No door tags were ever left. There were plenty of notes with my contact information left for the FedEx driver. No record of any calls made to the customer service reps.

Pay whatever extra money is needed for another transportation service. It will be worth it.

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