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I tried to ship a package today on Fedex website this morning but my printer would not print. The price for overnight shipping was $43.12. Since I could not get my printer to work I took the package to North Hill Mail Center. I was told that the shipping price would be over $88 dollars to deliver the next day. When I said that it was $43.12 on the Fedex website I was called a liar and an ignorant woman who did not know what I was talking about....
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I didn't like
  • Unfair pricing and rude behavior
Fedex scams consumers
Had a very important FedEx Express delivery late by 1 whole day. Caused a big loss of business cause it contained biz cards that were needed at a big trade show. So then I tried to at least file a claim for the late delivery. Every time I try to file for compensation for the last two days, I get a message in the e-claims window saying: Due to Service Failure. Sorry, we are currently unable to process your request. Please try again later. Then...
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Fedex Next Day Delivery Service Review from Statesboro, Georgia
Where was my package? So pissed, I attempt to call Fedex and I say attempt because their automative voice calling system is extremely confusing and it took forever to get a hold of a real live person. So when I finally do get a hold of a person I'm already pissed off to the extreme and I'm explaining to her how I paid this extra money to have my package today and that I do not have my package today oh and OF COURSE when I call they are already...
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