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I just wanted to put this out here about what happened with my Fedex package. It was overnight delivery and was supposed to be delivered on Friday.

Friday afternoon I checked online and it showed that package was delivered to my front door. I went and looked outside but the package was not there I called Fedex immediately and they opened a case and said the delivery station will contact me in 2 hours. They did contact me within 2 hours only to say that they cannot get hold of the driver who delivered the package and until they talk to the courier, they don’t know what happened to the package. Since it was Friday, the driver has gone home and will be back on Monday.

So after two long days of waiting I called them again on Monday. I called the Customer service which transferred me to the station. The station tells me that they still cannot locate the driver. I was really concerned at this point as that was very important package hence the overnight delivery.

I called again Monday night and asked the customer service to transfer me to the station then I talked to someone at the station who took my tracking number and said I have to wait till tomorrow before they can provide any update. The next day when I called back the 1-800 number, they said the package has been located (I think it went to wrong address). Finally the package arrived at 3:00 in the afternoon on Tuesday (original delivery date was Friday). I talked to the driver when he came to deliver the package to find out what happened.

He said there was a new driver who messed up the delivery. If only Fedex can print a number on every package where people can call to report wrong delivery information so as soon as someone gets it, I think that will speed up the tracking of wrong deliveries.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Austin, Texas, United States #1055243

Wow. I am going through this exact scenario now.

FedEx driver scanned my package that he left in front of door around 1pm. My roommate was home all day, and did not get a package. Nothing was left in front of the door. I called FedEx around 5:30pm to see where my package is.

I was given the same two hour window to be contacted by the local office. Just about 6pm I get a call from them asking me what's in the box and their drivers don't knock on doors, and that the driver states the box was left at the front door. I can see that's what the driver claims according to the tracking status. I'm saying the box never arrived.

The CSR told me the driver went home for the day, and she will call me back tomorrow, having the driver come to the home to verify the address.

WTF? Don't forget to bring the package this time!

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