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I have been waiting since Dec 21st. for Fedex to deliver my 8 year old daughter's Christmas gift that I ordered from ToysRUs.

Fedex keeps telling me they can not deliver it due to the weather. They said they tried to delivery it ON Dec. 21st, Dec 22nd and Dec 23rd, Yes we had 15 inches of snow Dec. 18th 09 but my road and drive way was clear early Dec.

22,09. Fedex also said they tried to deliver the item Dec. 24th at 2:18pm but no one was home THAT IS A LIE they DID NOT attempted to delivery it on Dec. 24th or any other day, we were home waitting for the package.

in fact my husband was outside. He would have seen FEDEX. Fedex told me they will try to deliver the pacage Dec. 29th.

after Christmas.

So thanks to Fedex my little girl can't have her Christmas gift till after Christmas. I will never order anything from anyone again as long as they use Fedex for shipping.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Time and time again our family, friends and neighbors have had complaints from the Ashland Office of Fedex. They really don't give a d**n.

In our area UPS blows them away.

All you can do is tell shippers NOT to use FedEx in this area. That way they'll get the message.

A really pitiful outfit...


Ugh! Same here except the package arrived in my town on the 23, spent six hours on the truck on the 24 and still didn't get here.

Spent another 3 hours on truck went back to FedEx. Corporate tried to blame the weather. The sun was shining, the roads were wet not icy. I was driving around in my mom van just fine.

Talked to a manager, he said he would shuttle it to my house, assured me that I would get it today. Nothing!

He totally lied. Sadly Santa is still trying to send my 3 year old his gift:( Just say no to FedEx.


Total epic fail on Christmas Eve by FedEx... I paid the one-day shipping for a package on the 22nd, 23rd rolls by, nothing, delivery status is completely unknown, thought I'd find it today on the door step and nada.

Still no updated delivery status, the only thing they talk about is inclement weather, but the package is still somewhere sitting in New Jersey while I'm waiting for it down in Austin, TX... At BEST I'm probably looking at a Monday delivery, and that's unlikely given that the package is literally half the country away


Who knew the company that promises overnight delivery were such liars? We have been waiting for an overnight package all day.

And, yet there is no package to be seen. We were promised three different delivery times all of which were lies. After a lengthy discussion with a customer service advocate, was told there was no way to track the route the truck had taken and there wasn't enough time to deliver the package. many of us can afford to pay our money in good faith for a service that is not fulfilled?

Wouldn't you think a customer service advocate could issue a simple refund? And, in this age of digital tracking via GPS wouldn't you think a company could tell you if a truck had been in your vicinity? Is this a company that conducts business in a professional manner? I think not.

I have lost all faith in their promise...If the only option I have is Fedex, I will not buy the product from the vendor selling the item. What a waste of time and money dealing with Fedex!!

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