We live in rural NM. On one occasion, the driver driver dropped package off at a house two miles away and drove off.

Another time they left it on our road by a gate in a pasture where we had cattle, in the snow. No call to let us know. And today, tracking number shows "delivered" by where the heck is it? Not here, that's for sure.

We double checked. Called FedEx and nobody can get ahold of the driver, it seems. Never ever had a good delivery with UPS out here.

Long live UPS as far as I'm concerned! They go the mile, at least out here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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everyone on this forum hates fed ex GUESS WHAT we don't care about your junk really it's all junk ,and if you only could see what goes on inside the truck with your pkgs.thrown tossed stepped on kicked you name it..my fav is the big screen tv bounce take a heavy box and make it bounce of your tv HA,Hamark your box fragile yeah right another fav of ours is homes without a number oh that get me going.so remember pls buy tvs ,really anything so it can be delivered to you intact or in pieces take your pick...


Hi Anonymous, sorry to hear about your troubles--like many, I feel your pain. I hope you can at least laugh at the lame attempts by fed exer to make excuses for FedEx' horrid service...but at least we have a clearer view of the value FedEx places on its customers (you know, the people who are paying their wages...or not paying them, if they have resolved to avoid FedEx whenever possible, like Anonymous, myself, and numerous others who have been burned by FedEx' utter lack of competence or concern....)


Joyce, Thx for not using fedex your stuff was all junk made in china anyway.. Nothing but *** and trash.Why don'tyou just go to china mart for your junk?you wouldn't have to worry about your china mart *** getting wet or lost. that is all :grin :p :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


I am having the same problem. We live on Main Street in a small town, not hard to find.

We have house numbers on the front and back of the house, since the garage and driveway are off the alley in the back. FedEx website says the package I was expecting was delivered today but it's not here so I called the 800 number. The phone rep tells me it was delivered to the front door at 5:28 pm. The fresh snow on our front porch has not been disturbed so it was clearly delivered to the wrong house.

Just like the package I received a few weeks ago for a house across town (which I re-delivered myself even though it wasn't my responsibility).

We have had problems in the past with FedEx drivers leaving packages out on our picnic table in the rain, a few feet from the covered porch. I know the drivers are pushed to make deliveries as quickly as possible, so it's more the company's fault than the drivers'.

I will never again order from a company who sends their merchandise by FedEx.


Maybe if you had some direction or something to tell a driver who had never been to your location you would be happy with fedex..Number 1 reason pkgs get wrecked, no number on house. but wait the guys are supposed to be psychic, right....

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