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I am thoroughly disgusted with the service I have received from FedEx.

I was told on Wednesday that a large item I ordered from a vendor would be delivered between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm today (Friday, Feb. 11, 2011). I took off from work specifically to take delivery of this item. When 4:00 pm came and went, nothing was delivered so I called their customer service number. They informed me that the item was stuck in Pennsylvania (for delivery to Rochester, NY) and that I would have to call back on Monday to get a redelivery date assigned.

Do they think their time is more valuable than my time? Not only did I lose a days work but it looks like I will have to take another day off. Why could someone, from their customer service desk not have called me earlier, to tell me that there was a problem. I may have been able to get at least a half a day's work in. Now their telling me I have to have another 5 hour delivery window on another day to wait. You've got to be kidding me.

Their people had my phone number and they could have easily call to inform me of a delay. If they called me I wouldn't have been so upset. I've had trouble with their delivery services in the past but this was the final straw.

I am dropping them as a shipping client for my business and I will no longer deal with client/businesses that offer only FedEx as their shipper. I may even look into refusing delivery on this item.

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Hey Berge and the rest of you do you know what kind of volumn they handle every day and you want a phone call. You make me Laugh. But honestly have the item delevered to an address that you know some one will be there.


I was expecting a home delivery on 5/9/11 from FedEx Ground. I took time off from work to make sure I was there to sign, as required.

I waited all day, refreshing the tracking info constantly. Around 6pm the system began saying "Delivery Exception"...thing is, there was no doorbell or door tag left, even on the chance I was in the bathroom I figured I'd see that. So I call the CSR line and get told they cannot contact the driver, but I will get my package today, no need to worry about pick up on my part. I wait an hour for a call back as instructed.

I call back and get told the packages cannot be picked up today, and "should" be okay to be delivered tomorrow. This is just terrible service. I have never experienced this with FedEx before now.

The "customer advocate" I spoke to after asking for a supervisor seemed anything but advocating my position. Dissapointed and looking for an alternative to get my stuff in the future.


On Friday Feb 11, 2011 I came home to find a little sticky note on the front door from Fed Ex. Apparently there is a package that requires me to be home, in person, to sign for the package. There were a few problems:

1) I called Fed Ex to get an explanation. The Fed Ex truck driver had used broad Sharpie pen to write on the sticky thing. The sharpie marker lines covered the Reference Number on the sticky tag, making it unreadable. Fed Ex wanted the sticky tag number, but since I couldn't read it, we spent a lot more time locating the shipment by address. Why would a Fed Ex employee obliterate the reference number (and the Fed Ex phone number as well) - unless it is to discourage annoying contact initiated by the customer?

2) The sticky thing said "2nd attempt", except there had never been a 1st attempt. Fed Ex confirmed this was a 1st attempt in their system, so maybe the truck driver was just trying to make me feel threatened. It worked.

3) The sticky thing said "attempt delivery the next day". That would be Saturday. I waited but no Fed Ex truck stopped on Saturday. Apparently "next day" means "the next day we decide to try and deliver, whatever day that may be".

Clearly, none of this works for a working professional - and probably not for any soccer Moms, either. It says my time has no value, and the product they are supposed to DELIVER is only an inconvenience to be gotten rid of as quickly as possible, including telling the customer that they've tried to deliver more times than they have - so they can more quickly turn the offending product around and return it to the shipper. Clearly Fed Ex goal is to get rid of the package, but my goal is for a package to be delivered. In the future, I will work with my on-line suppliers to find a carrier who values the Delivery of a product as much as I do.

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