I've been getting a lot of packages for Christmas and they've got a new FedEx guy and I have filed in the last two and a half months 7 complaints on him he throws the packages over the fence he does not have a gate up with a dog leash everyone else on Hooksett and comes in he leaves things laying out in the rain and now he has a package mind that he will not leave and it's not it doesn't have to be signed for and I have called and even The Advocate said where you can drive a hundred miles to Columbia to pick it up don't we pay them for them to deliver our packages I've talked to everybody and nobody is doing anything about it I left him a message and I signed the door tag for him to leave the package today I left a note attached to my gate where it for him to put the package and he stuck another door tag right next to the one I did and said second try his bosses are doing nothing no one is doing anything about it he's damaged several items and he will not leave this package and it's not anything that has to be signed for and no one can tell me why he's not doing it because he's mad because I filed complaints against team which they have not reprimanded him yet he threw an 80 lb smoker over the fence that I got for my son I'm a 59 year-old woman I cannot carry in ATL baggage to the door I have a 40 foot covered front porch that everybody else leaves things on and today FedEx Express left package is at my front door and this guy will not leave the package after he's left all those out in the rain and ruin them and the tour up package all my private information was missing out of it

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