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I've sent two email complaints to Fedex today, also called twice and all I receive is fake information, Fedex staff keeps postponing my problem.

I understand things may go wrong, but this is not about things going wrong, this is very bad customer service.

Here is what happened:

I've send time critical documents to Colima / Mexico from Millbrae / CA on Oct. 26th. I paid extra to have them delivered on friday, Oct 28th.

They did not arrive on Friday. I've checked online, it says address exception. This is the address i always use, works with usps, I used Fedex this time to make sure it is delivered ON TIME. Whatever, we called and gave detailed information about the address (btw, just put the address on google maps, it finds exact location).

They said package will be delivered on Monday, Oct 31st.

we waited, nothing came as usual, no information online either.

I filed an online complaint from Fedex website . They replied with a number to call; I called it, they said it is wrong, i should call another number. I called it, they said package is out for delivery, they will get updated information and call me back instantly.

waited two hours, no one called. i called back again,

they said request is not replied by Mexico, but a local agent will work on it. Fine, they called me an hour later saying that package is confirmed to be delivered today before 7pm.

We waited, nothing came.

Now I understand all of these calls were returned with fake answers, just to postpone the customer request.

They charged me to deliver the package in two days and now it is 6 days with no delivery without any valid reason + very bad customer service (Cannot say address is wrong while google maps, a free public service, can find it).

This is SCAM. I sent another complaint to ask for my money and docs. Though I'm sure they have some kind of legal fog for such situations but at least I want to share what happened here so that people will think twice before trusting Fedex.

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It is happenning to me twice. Fedex undelivery with false information.

It is a joke their tranking record as there is no supporting document to justify whatever they are putting up there.

and just wondering what their delivery guys doing all day long with no packaged delivered only with bunches of "invalid" address. wondering they are still in business.

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