For an art class I was to print a rather large poster on a simple computer or bond type paper. I go there without sending them the file because I didn't know about their policy.

I was told to send them an email of the file to be printed and was was quoted FIFTEEN to TWENTY minutes after the email was sent. I send them the email at the correct email address and I even got a confirmation email that it was sent to them. I sent it around three thirty in the afternoon. Half an Hour passes and I go up to check on my order.

A different employee tells me my file won't be printed and ready until eight o'clock at night. I figure that if I just put the file on a flash drive then they will print it right away for me because my class mate was there at the same time I was and was able to print it right away. I go up to have the file printed and am told that it will be a while because it is busy. I explain that my friend, who left literally five seconds ago, just printed her project right away [she is also a classmate and was actually printing the same assignment].

Their excuse was that it is busy now. Yeah.....

The woman gave me horrible customer service, was snippy in her explaining, and first off, was the one who misquoted the time in the first place. I recommend not going there....

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