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I took in a photo of my fiance and I to make into a save-the-date postcard for our wedding. I asked the girl working specifically to make sure that the size would not be too big for postcard-priced postage. She printed out an example sheet for me and asked me if I wanted a border or if she should cut the save-the-dates flush with the photo. I said, "as long as it's still small enough to send postcard-priced, a border would be nice". And then I even grabbed one of their advertisement postcards to hold it up and make sure the size was small enough. I had to sign something saying that I approved the example sheet. I thought the quality was kind of crappy/grainy, but figured it was the best they could do. Done.

Fast forward a week. I've spent every moment of the week hand-stamping the back of all 200 postcards, hand-writing a message, addressing, and adding postage. I take them to the US Post office and find out that they are 1/2 INCH too long!!! Not only would the border need to be cut off, but also a lot of the picture of my fiance and I! Not to mention my writing on the back would be cropped off. If I leave them how they are, I will have to pay an extra $0.15 per postcard.

Fed-ex refuses to fix their mistake. I've called corporate, gone to the location and spoke with the girl who helped me, and spoke to the manager of the location. They are blaming me for signing the agreement approving the order. I was under the impression that the Fedex Office KNEW the postcard requirements and that I was approving the quality of the picture! I made it very clear that I did not want to pay extra postage. If I had the extra money, I would've used envelopes and inserted a picture of us. I am extremely unhappy with the customer service at Fedex Office and will NEVER work with them again.

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It's not the minimum wage workers responsibility to do the research for you and find out what size your document needs to be. She printed you a proof, you agreed to the size.

Like you said, DONE. The fault is your own.


You never want to put the text flush up against the edge of the card. What you could have done was to rework the file so there would be room to work with in order to cut the card down to size.

And even if the cashier was able to shrink the card to fit postcard size another problem that would arise is the fact that the paper shifts inside the machine.

And no, there is no way the staff can control that. If you insisted on going with the words flush against the card, that would mean hand cutting at that point to make sure that no information would get chopped.


Welcome to the corporate world of GREED, being an former worker I know the ins and outs andthe tell us the customer is NEVER right once the signthe proof approval agreement they are responsiblem shouldn't we be the professional and ask all the right questions to give the customer excatly what the need and want, not just guess


Neddy, your time is obviously wrth nothing. You probably sent more than $30 in time and gas expenses to go back to FedEx office and complain.

Just pay the $30 at the post office and move on with your life.

Cheap people never succeed!


Hi Neddy,

It sounds like you were not informed properly as well. We can actually offer you direct mail services for mail peices over 100 address with the card file and the excel spread sheet of the mailing addresses.

This team member did not understand it was a mailing you are doing with these. I would explain that in person a bit more clearly next time.

Let them know you want them to direct mail it. In that case they would probably refer you to the center manager who can help get this accomidated in a more professional manner.


Post office is not fedex. Maybe you should have gotten the dimensions from the post office and set up your save the date postcard to that size.

When you held up the sample card, you said you signed that it looked okay. Maybe you should know alittle bit about setting up a file before you get pissed at people for doing what you said was okay.

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