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What a horrible experience with Fedex "packing experts". I went to three diferent stores and no one could help me to package a 27" imac!!!!!

They said that can not pack a "TV" bigger than 19"!!!!!

That is unacceptable. In the website says "Specialty Packaging: Our staff can customize a box on-site to meet your needs, even for large or odd-shaped items like golf clubs and art pieces. We also have boxes specially designed to protect your laptop, smartphone, MP3 player or other mobile device". This is a lie??? They do not do that!!!!

I waste 2 hours going one store to another.

realy frustrated.

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Not the employees fault. FedEx Office is a BRANCH of FedEx and as such are bound by policies put in place by the parent company.

The parent company is aware of the limitations of FedEx Office, which is far more than just a shipping company.

FedEx Office has special boxes for golf clubs, and Framed artwork.

They also have special boxes for laptops and cell phones/small electronic devices. However, they do not, will not and have never said they have special boxes for flat screen TVs/Monitors.

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