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Apparently, these corporate snobs weren't happy enough collecting $300.00 a year by me using my card. It's both debit and credit, from B of A.

They're the imbeciles charging 11 cents a copy! Now they think they can hassle me into sing their cash kiosk after they've embarrased me at their register several times before I figured out what they had done. 7-11 has done the same thing. I wasn't the one who decided to charge 99 cents for a cup of coffee.

And take debit and credit cards. So now my c/c number is alive in their system 24 hours a day, just waiting for hackers to loot, for the sole purpose of declining a sale which in their opinion is not enough. And I relish the art of payback. Foolish is the Royal who pushes the peasant down.

That Royal wouldn't be a-hunting this weekend.

To the contrary. (EXPLETIVE!)

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I work at a FedEx Office and I have seen purchases of all different totals declined. The system does not tell us why it was declined though.

Sometimes its just an issue with the system and that certain bank. There are many customers who use credit/debit cards for purchases under $1.

The price of copies are determined through corporate. If you don't like the prices, go to Staples or where ever and get crappy paper.


After making dozens of purchases with my card, and always having a minimum of hundreds of dollars in my account they prefer to embarrass good customers at the register by saying declined rather than put up a sign for a minimum purchase target instead putting up a small sign. And I happen to know Lydia Boihem, a 35 year FedEx senior management employee.

So go on, try it yourself, make a couple dozen small purchases and watch it happen to you before you puke up the *** you are puking. Puker.


This company routinely accepts credit/debit cards for transactions as little as 11 cents, the price of a black-and-white, self-service copy. The same is true for copies at Staples.

Why don't you go to Staples and try this card for making a copy there? My hunch is that it will also be declined. Generally speaking, when a card is declined in a retail business, no reason is ever specified.

It makes no sense that your card would be declined because of your spending habits at FedEx Office... or at ANY retail business for that matter.


Everytime a company takes a debit or credit card transaction the company is charged a fee for doing it. Most places have a minimum transaction fee allotment for the customer because some transaction fees can be up to 10 dollars and the merchant will lose more money on the sale.

They would rather not make the sale and lose the customer's business for a day or two than pay money out to the bank or machine company with which the transaction goes through. It doesn't make the situation right but does explain the reasoning.


FYI, they are NOT allowed to set a minimum purchase for the use of DEBIT cards. They are allowed to require a minimum $10 purchase to use credit cards, but I suspect many merchants don't understand the particulars of the law. You should fill them in.

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