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I was out of town for 3 days when a package was delivered. Knocked on my apt door, no answer, left it outside. When I got home, no package.

UPS knocks, if no answer, they leave a note, and take the package to the apt office and leave it there for us to pick up at our convenience.

When I shop online from now on, I will double-check to see who the delivery company is. If it is FedEx, I will search for another company, one that uses UPS or even just the US Mail.

FedEx Sux.

UPS Rox!

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First of all, if you weren't home, how do you know there was one knock? As for it being left outside, that's because of the sender's request.

Not the shipping company.

Same goes for UPS. In this case, maybe YOU should have contacted the company and told them to hold it somewhere for you.


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UPS will actually do the same thing too, we have had several packages delivered to our home and just left outside our door when no one was home.

Sullivan City, Texas, United States #10050

yep i payed for overnight and im suposed to get it like 4 days later before 12 well its 11:51 and its not here so yeah im pissed ups emailed me every thing i go my things early from them fedup with fedex

Concord, California, United States #2365

Just happened to me recently. I've been waiting for a package the last week, I only now went to the email saying it was shipped and got the tracking number and after inputting it on the fedex site, saw it was listed as delivered.

Well, I got no package as it was stole from in front of my apartment door.

(one would think they would have common sense enough to take it to the manager's office) and of course, unlike UPS who leaves a note, FedEx does not. Very unprofessional of them and very uncaring of other peoples things.

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