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My only advise to all of you is to weigh your package carefully. Do not rely on from the original sender even if they have a sticker on the box about the weight information and dimensions because it is probably not the correct information.

With Fedex even if your box weighs .1 oz it is considered a 1-lb. BEWARE!!! If you go online and do your own shipping you may see the shipping charges of $$ but just wait and see for next few weeks you will get another bill (even if you have receipt online already) that you still owe money and you must pay Fedex.

Make sure you take a picture of the package or any information from the original sender to remind of yourself about the situation so you will not get really PISSED. I BELIEVE THE BEST WAY TO DO IS DO NOT DO MORE BUSINESS WITH FEDEX IF YOU THINK YOUR SITUATION IS THE SAME WITH ME.

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I get shipments from Shanghai, China about 2x/year and usually wire the money to the shipper, which is a pain now, so they billed two heavy boxes to my FedEx account, telling me it would be about $10/kg. Four days after delivery, my credit card fraud dept called and asked if I had approved a $1,926.71 charge to "A shipping company".

Shocked, I called FedEx, only got a runaround and statements from James like "I'm not allowed to discuss rates for different customers" and Ellen (a Management Assistant) who said "Everybody pays different rates" and said she couldn't tell me why the rate for the same item, over the same route, was billed at $25/kg for a US customer, .vs. $10/kg for a Chinese shipper.

Does this smell illegal, or just unethical?


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