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I left my camera charger at a hotel in Batlimore, MD.I live near Pittsburgh, PA so had them just mail me it.

Well they decided to ship it fedex. I never even recived the charger until 18 days later, and they charged me $32!! The charger came in an envelop that had shoe prints all over it, was all wrinkly, looked like it was just thrown around, then I get a bill for $32!! Are you kidding me?

I could have had it shipped USPS in an actual box for $10! Not to mention I could have bought a new charger for cheaper! I tried calling to complain and they did nothing at all!!!

They charged me an extra $20 for "special handling charges", yeah it really looked like they were extra special with it!!!Ridiculous!


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AT fed ex stepping on envelopes is an added special charge.. next time don't forget your stuff..

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