I purchased an item from Amazon and paid to have it express delivered overnight as I needed it the next day. It went from Reno to Memphis right away, and then sat in Memphis for over 12 hours before they shipped it to Nashville.

By the time it arrived at 6 p.m. it was too late to deliver it. Since it was Friday, they decided they didn't even need to unload it because they were not going to deliver it until Monday. I specifically requested on Friday night that they put it in their Saturday Express delivery.

But no, that would be providing almost customer service. Don't pay for express shipping.

Amazon, if you want to keep my business, switch to UPS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Satellite Beach, Florida, United States #763744

Just had a similar bad experience. Ordered steaks for Christmas dinner.

Arrived in my city in plenty of time to be delivered but at 7:00pm the driver returned to FedEx Melbourne FL location with my about to spoil steaks still in the truck. FedEx's excuse was that the driver had already worked 12 hours. Not even a stinking phone call…I had to call. Would have picked it up if I knew that it would not be delivered.

Try to find a grocery store open at 8:00pm on CHristmas Eve.

Meanwhile…the UPS guys were out there hustling until at least 9:00pm in my neighborhood. FedEx…shame on you…I'll not be using you again.


FedEx is really *** this is my first time having something delivered by them and it will be the last, the first time my package was to be delivered no one was home, that was fine, but what I am pissed off about is I rang them and asked the to deliver it AFTER 4:00pm so I get home and what do I see? "We're sorry" No you're *** not sorry that you delivered my package at 2:00pm and i asked for AFTER 4 it is ***.


FedEx sucks ***


MY situation is very similar. My door buzzer calls my phone and the phone didn't ring today - despite their claims of attempting to deliver this morning.

To have the envelope delivered tomorrow (Saturday) I would face an additional charge of $25. My next day will be at least 4 days late. The price of a stamp is much cheaper and I won't have to drive anywhere to get the envelop.

FedEx Excustomer. the end


Kinda weird seeing FedEx delivers on Saturday without extra charge...UPS is the one that you need to pay for Saturday delivery.

Also what were you buying that you needed to pay almost $80+ to have it the next day.


I agree with your 110%. They don't even try to deliver packages when they should, I think they actually ship late on purpose. Maybe they have UPS agents on their payroll.

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