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I paid for Overnight Delivery from Fedex when I shipped an order from Amazon.com. I ordered my package on Saturday and knew it wasn't going to get shipped out until Monday, with a Tuesday Delivery.

Fedex didn't even pick up my package until late Monday night, and even though they only had to move it from Nevada to California, they somehow managed to take until Friday to deliver my "overnight" package, with the package sitting in a shipping facility in California for two days.

While this package wasn't particularly time sensitive, I did pay for overnight service and was looking forward to my package on Tuesday. This is why I always use UPS.

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consumer too

If FedEx didn't make the service on your package have Amazon.com refund you the shipping charges and they can get them back from FedEx. Also not all services are overnight, in fact most aren't these days. There is Express Saver (takes days) and smartpost which is the post office using FedEx to get the package from one city to another for the post office to they deliver at thier leisure.

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